Wednesday, 04 Aug 2021


Research Activity

During the first years of scientific CARSO the Consortium has produced its results with the equipment of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

The Consortium is equipped with a Bruker Avance DRX 500 WB, whose scientific director is Professor Francesco Paolo FANIZZI, full Professor (CHIM 03) at the University of Lecce.

Were initiated a series of collaborations with research groups of the University of Bari and Foggia, with the Politecnico of Bari, with the Faculty of Biotechnology of Bari, with the Institute of Toxins and Mycotoxins from Plant Pests, CNR, Bari and with Emory University in Atlanta (USA), which allowed the publication of numerous scientific articles.

Over the years we have completed the following projects:


Project No. 1 Expired on June 30, 2007

Immunotherapy of renal cell carcinoma.

Project No. 2 Expired on December 14, 2007

Interactions between bone marrow microenvironment cells, tumor plasma cells and immune system in the progression of multiple myeloma. Biological aspects and therapeutic applications (ref. proj. No. 72/2).

Project No. 3 Expired on March 11, 2008

Development of a novel biomolecular kit for testing microsatellite instability in neoplasia.

Project No. 4 Expired on November 10, 2008

Course for technicians with specific application in bioinformatic.

Project No. 5 Expired on May 31, 2011

“Development of an adult renal stem cell bank for stem cell research and their practical application. Design of a bioreactor for dialysis”.



Project No. 1

“Development of a regional network of laboratories for systems biology approaches in human diseases (BISIMANE)”